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 From The Director's Desk
From The Director's Desk

From the path-breaking ‘Silk Route’ across Central Asia to the much-touted Trade links of the modern era, India is a rapidly evolving country. Companies are no longer constricted to their regional priorities. Real estate has evolved to become the backbone of every successful enterprise.

With the nascent and developing dynamics of the Indian economy, the theories and beliefs of today could probably become an outmoded fad of tomorrow. At Equa we identify and cope with this eccentric pace to meet your demands. Being in the epicenter of Real Estate Consulting, we believe that one needs to understand the impact of economics on modern business and changes pertaining to it, rather than just being aware of them.

We at Equa understand the individualism of each organization. Our approach is premeditated towards your long term achievements rather than merely transactional. We believe that no two organizations have the same requirements so, we focus on understanding your portfolio and specific requirements to give you tailor-made Realty solutions.

Our experience is the reflection of your success.

Karthik Krishna
Managing Director
Equa Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact details: No.603, 6th Floor, Barton Centre, No.84 M.G Road, Bangalore – 560001 Telephone : +91 80 2559 0010 / 6451 8672
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