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 The EQUA Journey
The EQUA Journey

Equa Consulting was established in India as a boutique real estate consultancy firm catering to the unique needs of high net worth individuals. We have grown tremendously in the past few years and today, we offer end to end quality real estate consulting services.

Our experience has been a kaleidoscope; presenting different perspectives to the real estate problems various enterprises face, all across India. These perspectives have gone a long way in achieving our goal of creating a comprehensive Real Estate consultancy company. Today, we help create a web of profitable solutions for enterprises to lower costs, and thereby improve throughput from operations. Currently small enterprises cannot afford quality consultancy advisory and services. With a practical and cost effective approach integrated with our service, we add value to each of our partner enterprises.

Our varied group of clients including developers, investors, property owners, multi-national corporations, retailers and hospitality clients have given us the diversity in experience to understand the individualism of each segment. Services ranging from Research, Strategy and Transactional Consulting make up the core of our business and the basis of our success.

Our services are designed to ensure that you receive a comprehensive real estate solution. We strive to develop partnerships by providing you with fully integrated market knowledge. At Equa, we want you to trust that while you focus on your core business, we will manage your realty needs better than the best.

Contact details: No.603, 6th Floor, Barton Centre, No.84 M.G Road, Bangalore – 560001 Telephone : +91 80 2559 0010 / 6451 8672
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